Tailor made yoga & wellness programs for stress and burnout management and prevention, dealing with pressuring times and disruptive changes, and online & distant Reiki sessions to support and integrate the healing process in a holistic way.


Sima takes yoga to you at the time that works better for you, either online (via Zoom) or at the comfort of your home or at your workplace in Amsterdam. Private Yoga with Sima are personalized yoga and wellness programs made accessible for everyone, regardless of age and body shape, to restore, regenerate and increase your general health and well-being. Sima also offers online and distant Reiki sessions, to promote self-care and physical, emotional and mental healing.

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help her/him to find it within her/himself. “

– Galileo Galilei –







Why choosing SIMA Private Yoga

Do you…


  • experience low energy levels or are you on the verge of a burnout?
  • have issues focusing or have a hard time starting or ending tasks during your day?
  • feel the need to slow down or to learn to slow down?
  • have time for everyone else except yourself?
  • have a foggy brain and you are just not able to come out of that state?
  • have a hard time sleeping or resting?
  • want to exercise in the comfort of your own personal space but can’t find the right motivation in an online group class?
  • find yourself ill at ease surrounded by others when exercising?
  • work long hours and feel the need for exercise during your day, yet you prefer private guidance for something that fits your schedule?
  • often travel yet don’t want to lose your chance to have personal dedicated guidance when exercising?
  • want to develop a wellness program based on your very personal needs and body shape?

If this resonates with you, I would be very happy to provide my expertise to support your wellbeing and help you create a sustainable and accessible program for your circumstances.



Everything starts with you!

Prioritizing self-care is the greatest investment you can make for yourself. Think about a life situation where you felt healthy and full of vitality, how did you feel? How was it for you to meet friends or to spend time with your family? How was it for you to work everyday? What were/are the easy or smooth ways to achieve something? This is the kind of self-investment Sima focuses on. A consistent and steady yoga practice will support your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Sima supports and guides you with accessible yoga programs & wellness practices:



  • in accordance to your personal needs
  • to keep, increase and restore your energy
  • to help you find rest and relaxation
  • at your own pace
  • in your own space (either in person or online)


“I’ve been suffering from back and sciatica issues for many years, and knowing how beneficial yoga can be, I decided to start a few online sessions with Sima. From the first lesson I felt a huge improvement. Practicing yoga really helped ease my pain, giving me relief for days. But the benefits go well beyond the physical aspect. I’ve been able to relax mentally and emotionally, feeling at the end of every session much better and more grounded. Sima is able to really tune into personal needs, providing exactly what I need for my overall wellness. I highly recommend her!”

Barbara, California – U.S.A.

“I know Sima from many years, she is a very kind person and a lovely teacher. I started to have private online yoga sessions with her when I moved back to my country. It has been a wonderful experience since then. During her classes, she really takes care of you, she always asks you what’s your need at that moment and she personalizes the class for you. She is able to bring you to this special comfy atmosphere where you feel at ease and you forget for a moment all about the rest. I feel more calm and self confident since I follow Sima’s classes. She is very knowledgeable and she knows what to do and what’s your need. During her class you go through all kinds of yoga exercises, they are gentle and slow movements which help you to dive into yourself. Even though the class is calm and soft at the end you feel like it has been a total work out. I would really recommend you to try this enreaching yoga experience with Sima!”

Valeria, Rome – Italy

“The last time I had yoga I was 25 years old and was in Milan. I had come from the countryside and settled in an apartment on the 3rd floor in a city. For me was a real pain, yoga helped me to relax. Now I am 55 years old and at first I had doubts thinking that doing yoga could be challenging or difficult for me after such a long time, instead I am infinitely grateful to Sima. Your way of leading the lesson, simple and caring, the accessible positions held three minutes to give time to the body and mind to relax, have allowed me to stop the mind and breathe again, I am deeply relaxed and for me it is a wonderful result! During this time (Covid) I can’t even relax at night and besides the relaxation my mind is finally serene, creating space for new and regenerative thoughts.

Sonia – Rimini – Italy


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